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Roof Inspection Guys performs Roof Inspections for Individual Property Owners, Homeowners Associations, Property Management Companies, Home Builders, Roofing Contractors, Insurance Companies, and Realtors ~ all to their satisfaction.

There are few, if any, companies whose main business is the inspection of roof installations as ours is. We perform a Roof Inspection Service - we do not sell or install roofing products or represent any roofing materials or installation companies ~ so there is no conflict of interest.

Roof inspection

Throughout the roofing industry our (Roof Inspection Guys) reputation is well known as being very knowledgeable, fair, and helpful, but also tough, strict, and not missing much. Our roof inspections are performed with consistency and we treat every roof the same no matter who roofed it. The citizens of, where we have performed our Roof Inspection Service have been very appreciative of our thoroughness in making sure the roofs have been installed correctly. Many have thanked us personally and several have written letters to their respective building departments stating their satisfaction for giving them the Peace of Mind of knowing their roofs have been properly inspected.

Our expertise is in all types of Steep-Roofing products including asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, clay and concrete tile, new alternative roofing materials and some flat roofing materials.

Roof Inspection Professional

We really know our business with years in the roofing industry and more than 24,000 Code Compliance Roof Inspections performed for various City and/or County Building Departments here. We have the knowledge, the experience, the reputation, and the desire to solve your roofing problems. We do not guarantee your roof will be free from future problems or litigation but we will greatly decrease the odds.

What is it about?

Roof Inspection Guys maximises roof life by using a Inspection process to inspect a roof. Throughout the whole inspection process, photographs are taken by the inspector to document any evidence of areas that are leaking right now, or that are likely to leak in the future.

After any and all photos have been taken and the roof has been fully inspected, the inspector puts together a thoroughly written inspection report within 72 hours, that includes photographs, areas that are causing problems, ways to correct these problems, and price estimates that can help you when you try to sell, to finance, or to insure your home.

All of our roof inspections include the detail and professional opinion typically missing from home inspection reports.

Why would I need it?

There are many reasons a roof might leak and the purpose of an inspection with Roof Inspection Guys is to expose these problem areas if they are present. Roof Inspection Guys’ main goal, though, is to qualify the roof for a Certification.

Most roofing contractors give free quotes and guarantees on their workmanship but they will not certify your entire roof as leak free.

A certification will will give you better protection and peace-of-mind because at the end of the inspection, you would be well on your way to getting full roof assurance.

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